Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Tips

There are a number of components to your vehicle that contribute to the overall safety of your ride. One such component is your windshield wiper blades. While this might seem like a simple and affordable part, windshield wiper blades are extremely important when it comes to safety. This is the part of your vehicle that will remove rain, slush, sleet, snow and more. If you can't see properly, this can set you up for disaster on the road. Let's take a look at some ways that you can tell if your windshield wiper blades need to be replaced:

  • Cracks or tears in your wiper blades requires replacement.
  • If you notice any part of the wipers rusting, you will want to take a closer look at their structural integrity.
  • If you turn your wiper blades on and notice streaks are left behind, your wipers aren't working properly.

We encourage you to inspect your car for signs of damage. If you'd like to upgrade to a like-new car, then come on by our dealership to learn about the pre-owned vehicles we carry.



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